Want to design the poster for Springfest 2013? The Program Board Concerts & Festivals committee will vote for their favorite student submission.

If you’d like to submit, please email your submission to concerts@macalester.edu by April 3rd, adhering to the following guidelines:

  • 18x24” in either PDF or JPEG (if digital), SPO’d to Program Board by 4/2 (if hard copy)
  • Necessary info:
    • Bands (Big K.R.I.T. , Baths, Black Diet, <student band TBD>),
    • Date+ time info (3pm, April 20th, Shaw Field, Macalester College),
    • Title (Springfest 2013),
    • Ticketing info (open and free to all Mac and ACTC students with ID),
    • extra info (Food (tbd) $5, beer garden, student orgs tbd),
    • Sponsored by Program Board (or PB)